BlueRange works with a number of strong partners to offer the best of many worlds

BlueRange and Partners

BlueRange aims at connecting devices anywhere in the world in every possible way. Our very unique BLE scatternet mesh is the ideal hub for digital IoT infrastructure projects to digitize physical spaces. Once the mesh is up and running, it can be expanded by adding various other devices such as sensors and trackers.

We know that even the best technology relies on strong partners, experience and creation of acceptance in the market place. BlueRange is one component in an integrated IoT offering which allows us and our partners to mutually benefit from a combined offering.

OEMs that integrate our technology into their products are able to address and solve specific issues. With our partners, we want to show and present to clients the many possibilities we offer together. Together, and by combining our know-how and skills, we develop, design, implement and conduct clients with use cases, proofs of concept, and prototyping for standard solutions.



As multinational technology company, the Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and services.
BlueRange is available as cloud solution powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud.



The global operating, German company T-Systems is a IT services and consulting provider. T-Systems offers a wide range of services into which BlueRange can be integrated.


Quanto Group

The Quanto Group offers services and consulting for digitization strategies and IoT implementation. Quanto Group provides clients with consulting and services that help to identify and implement IoT strategies based on BlueRange.


areus Engineering

Areus stands for innovative products and first class engineering services. Areus Engineering provides state-of-the-art IoT hardware on which even the most demanding IoT use cases can be experienced.


REGENT Lighting

REGENT is a leader in sophisticated office lighting solution for multiple use cases and spaces. Bluerange allows them to offer new approaches to lighting management.


WMC Healthcare

WMC Healthcare offers management consulting for healthcare services, and analysing and developing practical solutions. As a leader in healthcare consulting, WMC uses Bluerange to generate data to improve processes in the hospitals and health care institutions.



Cedavis offers solutions for cost accounting, controlling, analytics, management and many other areas. Cedavis works with WMC Healthcare on special use cases and PoCs for BlueRange implementation in healthcare.

IoT and Beacon Technology are just getting started. We love to work with partners from all imaginable fields. Interested in working with the Smart Beacon possibilities? We always encourage organizations to contact us to identify opportunities we can pursue together.

If you are interested we would be happy to hear from you and learn about your individual requirements or ideas.

Become a partner and become part of the next IoT-Revolution!