Solutions for relevant industries

  • Lighting


    With BlueRange, we focus on manufacturers of lighting fixtures and those who want to equip their physical space with digital infrastructure using beacons built into lighting fixtures. A chipset, on which our BlueRange firmware runs, can be integrated directly into the actual fixture by manufacturers of lighting technology.

  • Healthcare


    One of the largest sectors and industries is the health care sector. Due to it´s nature, it is a highly complex industry with many different players and a lot of inefficiencies, even in the most sophisticated economies.

  • Retail


    Especially in the retail sector, beacons have long been a well-known topic. The use case of proximity marketing usually provides the basis for the use of IoT technology in retail. But what if we tell you that more is possible than just sending your clients a plain URL via Beacon.

  • Production & Logistics

    Production & Logistics

    With BlueRange, we focus on production, transportation and logistics companies that want to provide their physical space with a digital infrastructure using beacons that can be integrated into existing infrastructure.



The advantages of BlueRange, based on different use cases

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Put a beacon on an object (asset) and move it around in a beacon mesh (raster). You can follow and locate the asset in real time.

Read more about Asset Tracking

Access Management

Access Management

With SmartBeacon technology it is easy to create hands-free access and identity control on smartphones and other devices.

Read more about Access Management

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Manage your movable assets with a Bluetooth mesh and a platform for real-time inventory management.

Read more about Inventory Management

Significant advantages unified in a single product

  • Open Source

    Our well documented reference implementation, called 'FruityMesh', is available on Github

  • BlueRange SDK

    To connect with any app for iOS or Android, use our easy to integrate SDK.

  • Updateable

    Update the BlueRange hardware and expand its functionality thanks to the Over-The-Air Update (OTA) implementation.

  • Intelligently connected

    The core of BlueRange is the Scatternet mesh. It is designed to be energy-saving, self-healing, and stable while establishing the bi-directional communication of the SmartBeacons.

  • Customizable

    We focus on keeping BlueRange customizable: from whitelabeling options for the platform, to the scalability of the BlueRange mesh, and the BlueRange SDK.

  • Controllable

    Gain full control and valuable insights out of the data bundled by the mesh gateway and displayed on our web-based platform.

  • Bluetooth standard

    BlueRange is designed to constantly expand functionality, and therefore it is also Bluetooth 4.1 compatible.

  • Comprehensive

    BlueRange is designed to be an end-to-end solution perfectly adjustable to your company's specific needs.

Get yourself the BlueRange experience!