Sustainable buildings are wireless

BlueRange redefines the standard of modern real estate and introduces the future of digitized buildings - efficient, intelligent, secure.

Sustainable buildings are wireless

How smart buildings drive decarbonization

BlueRange is a WiredScore® certified solution for the wireless communication of sensors and actuators in buildings and the digital foundation of building automation. Instead of conventional cabling, the BlueRange-ready components communicate wirelessly via the particularly efficient BlueRange Mesh.

The real-time data is centrally aggregated via the BlueRange IoT platform, enabling a wide range of applications to optimize buildings according to ESG principles. Several mobile applications for commissioning engineers, facility managers and tenant users complete our holistic approach to providing wireless smart buildings from a single source.

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Stay on top of your buildings' key metrics, for example, to improve your ESG reporting.



Let your mesh devices communicate efficiently for decentralized room automation.



By adapting to the needs of your tenants, the building consumes only what is actually needed. This saves energy and money.



Take your user experience to the next level by implementing smart use cases and intelligent monitoring.

Experience the potential of smart buildings

Open up new dimensions of efficiency, sustainability and comfort by exploring the endless possibilities offered through intelligent buildings.

Buildings rethought

Buildings rethought

Discover how our innovative ecosystem is transforming buildings: Efficiency and sustainability meet networked intelligence for a revolutionary spatial experience.

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Latest product innovations

Product Update

Latest product innovations

The BlueRange-ecosystem is constantly evolving. Existing functions are continually being improved and the range of services for different ...

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