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Revitalization and digitalization – Digital Port

As a user, the Hamburg shipping and logistics group Hapag-Lloyd AG has renovated and moved into the entire 6,000 square meter office building at Rosenstrasse 9-11 in downtown Hamburg. The concept envisaged the greatest possible preservation of the building structure while simultaneously changing the interior concept - with digitalization playing an important role.


6.000 m²

Connected devices

75 lights, 40 motion detectors

Project duration

2022 – 2023

Use Cases

Automatic lighting control, digital foundation for area evaluation

For reasons of economy and sustainability, it makes sense to preserve existing buildings and ensure contemporary use. The office area at Rosenstrasse 9 - 11, which is located in Hamburg’s best old town location, is a good example of successful revitalization. The renovation of the building complex was carried out by pbr planning office Rohling AG, which preserved the existing building structure and individual character as much as possible. In addition to structural preservation and energy efficiency, a particular focus was on a completely new structure of the working environment.

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Multispace – Digital The goal was clear: to create a property that combined different needs. From open space to a single room atmosphere. Workplaces that have to meet different demands and requirements and at the same time be flexible require interaction. Especially with regard to automated room components. The challenge of the multi-space concept lies in the management and control of the technology. Components were installed here that are “intelligent” and communicate with each other. A smart solution was also used for the lighting technology. The lighting technology used with Waldmann sensors is user-friendly, energy-efficient and intelligent. Using BlueRange’s technical ecosystem as an internal digitalization structure, the data obtained can be transported and managed. It is important that the data obtained can be flexibly placed and processed at interfaces from other software providers. Only through intelligent technologies that support communication do we have the freedom to redefine work spaces, create opportunities for retreat and shared experiences. The next stage of evolution in working conditions will only be made possible through the digitalization of buildings.

pbr Planungsbüro Rohling

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