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From Small To Large

From The Living Room to Entire

It all started with the idea of an MWAY GROUP intern to control the light in the living room of the student flat share via an app. After tests with different technologies, the decision was made in favor of Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) to control devices wirelessly. An innovative feature is the efficient and flexible connection of components on a mesh basis, without having to rely on rigid connections. The successful thesis quickly turned into a concrete vision of wirelessly connecting smart buildings. The basis for today’s BlueRange complete solution was born. In 2015, the radio-based mesh approach was conceptually refined on BLE, technically implemented and finally published by the MWAY GROUP as open source software under the name BlueRange.

Years later, the patented BlueRange Mesh enables decentralized intelligent room automation and sensor-based control of networked building components. In combination with the BlueRange IoT platform for the visualization and further processing of collected sensor data in real time, smart buildings are consistently optimized. Various mobile applications also offer a wide range of digital use cases in buildings for different target groups. Overall, the use of BlueRange ensures sustainable, energy-efficient building operation and an ideal indoor climate with a feel-good factor for new and existing buildings.

BlueRange GmbH was founded in 2020 and is managed as a wholly owned subsidiary of the MWAY GROUP.

The Team behind BlueRange

The BLUERANGE team consists of various Mesh participants who, with their individual strengths and skills, form a high-performance and reliable network of software engineers, technical enthusiasts, code nerds, usability experts, market experts and problem solvers.

Foto von Volker Hahn

Volker Hahn

Founder and Managing Director

Foto von Jonas Kaufmann

Jonas Kaufmann

Managing Director

Foto von Stefan Jauker

Stefan Jauker

Chief Technology Officer

Foto von Andre Maas

Andre Maas


Foto von Christian Pappenberger

Christian Pappenberger

Innovation Manager

Foto von Steffen Lörch

Steffen Lörch

Senior Project Manager

Foto von Miro Bilge

Miro Bilge

Field Application Engineer

Foto von Marius Heil

Marius Heil

Senior Software Architect

Foto von Dominik Helfenstein

Dominik Helfenstein

Embedded Systems Engineer

Foto von Matthias Ehrlich

Matthias Ehrlich

Software Engineer

Foto von Raphael Pohland

Raphael Pohland

Head of Marketing

We Are Looking for talented Mesh Nodes

We cultivate community spirit, not individual combat. We are looking for new colleagues who want to shape the digital future with us. In small, agile teams with flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths.

The MWAY Group brand family

MWAY GROUP GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, has been developing software and IT solutions since 2005. With over 100 employees, the company develops digital applications with the focus on making everyday life, learning and work easier. As an innovative pacesetter and think tank, the MWAY GROUP realizes the digitalization of companies and the development of its own software products. It accompanies the processes for a digital transformation as a reliable partner.

MWAY digital-Logo

MWAY digital

MWAY GROUP GmbH is the holding company of M-Way Solutions GmbH, Relution GmbH and BlueRange GmbH. M-Way Solutions GmbH is responsible for the conception and realization of technical and digital innovations in the field of mobile apps, online portals and supports customers in their digitalization. Historically, M-Way Solutions GmbH is the nucleus of the company.



The digitalization of society and the use of mobile devices is increasingly finding its way into our lives, learning and work. This affects people in the business environment, employees in administration as well as teachers and children in schools.

Join the Evolution

Matthias Ehrlich

Matthias Ehrlich

Raphael Pohland

Raphael Pohland