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BlueRange Beacons Sizes

Beacons in various sizes and forms

Beacons are a pretty flexible solution to various use cases and problems. Indeed Beacons come in very different forms and sizes depending on requirements based on the individual use case the beacons are used for.

Theoretically the beacons all use the same hardware referring to circuit board and components. Only components change from time to time either based on new hardware technology or on specific wish and requirement of customers. Especially enabling sensors is a main topic there.

In general only the casing of the beacons changes based on requirements, e.g. withstand harsh conditions.

BlueRange Beacons Sizes

Categories defining beacons

When talking about different use cases you stumble upon a lot of different requirements that may to have apply on the beacons. For example: When tracking containers in a high security warehouse, they have to be resistant to mechanical damage but at the same time one must be able to change the asset they are holding on to. You can not use a magnetic fixing, because that might interfere with bluetooth signals. On the other hand the containers have a rough surface due to dirt, so suction cups to fix the beacons could also fail to work. In general some testing needs to be done for individual challenges, but we were able to fix our beacons onto everything so far.

  • BlueRange Beacons Sizes
  • Combination Beacons

    On special request we are and were also able to combine our beacons for individual use cases.
    Most prominent is our eInk-beacon combination that allows to send and recieve data for the eInk display via BLE mesh.

    This eInk-beacon combination is originally manufactured for a digital shopping cart with low energy displays in the handle.

Get a glimpse of the full mesh power with a BlueRange TestKit

Recieve a BlueRange TestKit including all you need to get an professional impression of the capability of BlueRange.

  • Experience Over-The Air (OTA) updates of every meshed device!
  • Experience realtime Asset Tracking with free access to our BlueRange cloud platform!
  • Experience the most stable Bluetooth Mesh available!

  • BlueRange TestKit
  • BlueRange TestKit

    The TestKit contains a Mesh Gateway, 4 Mesh Beacons, an Asset Beacon and access to the BlueRange platform for
    699 €.

    Platform access is granted for 12 months. Additional variable costs might occur for an asset tracking use case, limited to 1 million messages per month. The Test Kit can be returned up to 30 days after receipt, against repayment of the purchase price, if undamaged.

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