BlueRange Cloud vs. On-Prem

What is your solution? - PROs and CONs

BlueRange infrastructure - where to run the server cluster

To use our Bluetooth Low Energy mesh infrastructure you will need some kind of server cluster suitable for your case and prerequisits. In fact, we offer our own Cloud infrastructure for use in your very own installations. But sometimes, there are cases in which you won't like to share data from your installation, or just don't have any internet connection at all.

Now what? You are able to install your very own BlueRange Server Cluster as we offer you a detailed documentation on installation and even a simple docker image.
But how to know which kind of setup is suitable for me, my infrastructure, my resources and of course my use cases?

  • On-Prem Solution
  • On-Premise Solution

    With the on-premise solution the BlueRange server cluster is installed on a server hardware in your own company. The purchase of the corresponding hardware, maintenance, administration and data backup are the responsibility of the own company.
    This means that the company must have its own IT department and trained employees to manage the data center.
    The maintenance of the software also includes the implementation of regular updates. With a local server, system failures can never be ruled out. The risk of a loss of sensitive data must therefore always be calculated.

    For some companies, however, it can make sense to opt for the server-based in-house solution, precisely because sensitive data is not passed on to third parties or when you don't want internet connection at all. Control over the software is therefore the sole responsibility of the respective company.

PROs and CONs of on-prem in an overview

  • PROs

    - Maximum control: control is the sole responsibility of the company.
    - Unrestricted access: Access to required data is possible regardless of the Internet connection.
    - Data Protection: All data remains within the company and will not be passed on to third parties.

  • CONs

    - Personal Responsibility / Permanently more work: The company has to take care of the availability and maintenance of the data center. It is also the responsibility of the company to carry out regular updates.
    - Cost Expenditure: The purchase of the required hardware and the operation of a separate IT department including employees is usually more expensive than "Software as a Service".

  • Cloud Solution
  • Cloud Solution

    A cloud solution is based on the principle of "Software as a Service" (SaaS). All data is stored on external servers from specialized providers. As a result, neither an in-house data center nor trained IT specialists are required. These are probably the most decisive advantages: On the one hand, the company itself has less work with the data and its backup. On the other hand, a significant reduction in costs can be achieved in this way. With a functioning Internet connection, the required data can be accessed from any location.

PROs and CONs of a cloud solution in an overview

  • PROs

    - Cost reduction: The IT area is outsourced, which means that expenses for data centers and personnel costs can be saved.
    - Flexible adaptation: Individual software functions can be flexibly added or cancelled. As a result, companies only pay for the service they actually need.
    - Spatial independence: To use the software from the cloud, only a functioning Internet access, a web browser and a corresponding terminal device are required. This means that data can be accessed from anywhere.
    - Data protection: The cloud providers guarantee the highest level of data protection. Backup copies and storage at different locations ensure maximum security.
    - Access to technical know-how: Operation and maintenance of the data centers as well as regular updates are handled by IT specialists. This ensures high availability of all applications.

  • CONs

    - Data transfer: Corporate data must be shared with the cloud provider. This is particularly the case with the storage of sensitive data abroad: servers in the USA, for example, have different data protection guidelines to those in Germany or Europe.
    - Dependence on the provider: When the IT department is outsourced from the company, the latter is bound to the provider responsible. The company is dependent on its service and the capacities it provides.
    - Functioning Internet connection: In order to use cloud computing, a functioning Internet connection is required.


Both the on-premise solution and the Cloud (SaaS) principle have their advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding for or against one of the systems, it is important to consider which one will bring your company more profit. With BlueRange, companies can support the smooth running of their organization. A wide variety of business applications and data can be aggrigated centrally in a database and called up simultaneously by different employees in a dashboard.
Contact us to discuss about your use cases and an appropriate solution matching your specific needs!
An appropriate build-up of expertise is essential in order to make a sensible decision for or against the cloud or on-premise.

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