The BlueRange Infrastructure

Applications in the cold season of the year

The cold season and how sensors make you ready

Our Bluetooth Low Energy mesh infrastructure is not only suitable for industry and manufacturing use cases such as Asset Tracking. In fact, we support a lot of use cases enabling an intelligent facility management.

You are able to utilize BlueRange as sensor system as our Asset Beacons use various sensors they already have onboard and come equipt with: BlueRange Sensors With this sensors you are able to maintain perfect conditions in your rooms and buildings.

  • BlueRange Open Window
  • Open Window Detection

    Via the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer our Asset Beacons are able to recognize whether a window is open or not.
    Checking for the angle of the window or for the last movement status determines if a window is 'open' or 'close'.

    This information is gathered and used to inform you about the status of the house or building. Don't let the windows open to save energy and maintain your indoor climate.
    Don't let the cold outside weather into your cozy shelter.

  • Heating Control

    Our Asset Beacons are equipt with a sensor to measure temperature around them.
    Just fix an Asset Beacon somewhere representative in you room and you are able to check the temperature.

    You could also equip your radiators with various smart home thermostats to change the settings remotely. Thermostats can't give you an impression of the temperature inside your room, as they just inform you over their setting. A sensor inside the thermostat itself would deliver wrong temperature data caused by its closeness to the radiator itself.

    Complete systems or air conditioners are able to give more precise on the temperature of a room. You can just add this information to your App or interface and combine it with the other information delivered by BlueRange.

  • BlueRange Heater Radiator
  • BlueRange Open Window
  • Lighting Management

    Partners of BlueRange offer mesh luminaires or drivers and components enabling you to manage your lighting.
    You are then able to manage and control your lighting via direct bluetooth or via the mesh and a centralised platform, from where one is able to not only manage settings for the lights in a room, but the whole building or even a whole campus.

    BlueRange-ready components for retrofitting and BlueRange-ready luminaires are able to form a mesh as they contain a BLE beacon. Over the mesh it is easy manage and maintain a lighting installation.

    That means you are able to tell were light is switched on or off and to check whether all light is off at the end of the day before leaving it on the whole night. You can even remotely turn the light off.

Prepare yourself - Winter is coming!

With BlueRange technology you can make your houses and buildings winterproof by checking for leaks of warmth and energy you can prevent.

BlueRange Open Window

A complete solution to manage your cozy shelter for the cold season

BlueRange does not provide any essentials of cozyness like pillows, blankets or hot coffee, tea or chocolate, but what we do is giving you the opportunity to handle the cold season as easy as possible in regards to facility management.
Keep your base always efficient and at best climate.

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