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Salvia digitizes Buntweberei

The world of work is changing. Keywords such as New Work, home office or work-life balance are common in everyday office life and are increasingly becoming part of a modern office culture. In order to ensure flexible and energy-efficient use, the digital equipment of office buildings is playing an increasingly important role. In addition to various comfort functions, modern office buildings must, above all, impress with efficient operation and lower energy costs. As part of a strategic partnership, the Eislingen electrical and building technology company Salvia and the Stuttgart digitalization specialists BlueRange offer solutions with great future potential for equipping intelligent buildings.

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The successfully implemented pilot project in the Eislinger Buntweberei made it possible to link digitalized workstations and control them using a specially developed app called LuCas. The name refers to the Italian words Luce (light) and Casa (house).

The solution is based on BlueRange’s proprietary and patented Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, which enables components to communicate with each other. The BlueRange Mesh connects components without the need for expensive data cables. Building data can be collected and visualised centrally via BlueRange. This allows operations to be continuously optimised and adapted to usage. In conventional buildings, the communication backbone is based on copper. Copper cables run for miles in each office building, with additional hardware such as cable ducts. The radio-based mesh system carries information ‘piggyback’ through the building, usually at a lower cost than a wired solution, but with additional capabilities.

In addition to encrypted communication with a simultaneous high data transfer rate, networking components via the BlueRange mesh also has the further advantage that every element in the chain is a sender and receiver. Unlike WLAN, the data connection can be extended to almost any area of ​​a building.

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By linking various devices such as lights, blinds, heating and cooling ceilings as well as presence detectors, rooms detect occupancy and adjust themselves optimally. In addition, the air quality in the room can also be measured and the ventilation can be adjusted accordingly, explains Jonas Kaufmann, Managing Director at BlueRange GmbH.

In addition to the benefits of comfort, the use of space can be optimised and the attractiveness of the workplace increased. The use of the LuCas app has a positive effect on the working atmosphere, as all available booking opportunities are always visible to the user. The app can be used on both personal and corporate smartphones. Thanks to the flexible booking of rooms, significant space savings can be achieved.

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People in the building can also be found using the app. “During implementation, we paid particular attention to compliance with data protection. “People must actively consent to being located,” emphasizes Jonas Kaufmann. Searching for people prevents the flexibility of shared desks, with all their positive side effects, from leading to loss of productivity due to longer searches. The topics of data protection, energy saving and workplace guidelines are of central importance at LuCas.

“It was crucial for us that we could operate BlueRange in our election infrastructure and thus be in control of our building data at all times,” emphasizes Filippo Salvia, Managing Director at Salvia Building Technology GmbH.

What is unique about the concept from Eislingen and Stuttgart is the penetration of digitalization, from the app to the sensors. By bundling the competencies of Salvia and BlueRange, all interfaces from IT to programming to building automation are covered.

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A completely new concept was created on the former factory site of the Wurster weaving mill in Eislingen: The Buntweberei interweaves fun and experience, health and enjoyment, business and networking. Until the 1970s, fabrics were woven on the more than 10,000 square meter area. “We created a meeting place in the Filstal for people of all generations, from the region and the world, to work but also to enjoy life,” says Filippo Salvia, who, as a project developer, has already implemented the Eislinger Tor and is responsible for the Buntweberei.

Salvia Gebäudetechnik

Salvia Gebäudetechnik GmbH from Eislingen, with 1,500 employees at 25 locations and a turnover of 190 million euros, is a company operating throughout Germany in the field of technical building equipment. Salvia covers the entire technical life cycle of building technology. Accordingly, the range of services ranges from energy supply and MSR technology to electrical installations, smart homes and other innovations in the field of building technology. Another focus is the digitalization of buildings.

Lucas app

The clear app was developed by BlueRange in collaboration with Salvia. It is the interface between technology and people. Advantages: Clear room control, effective room booking for optimal space occupancy, possibility to search for people in the area (data protection compliant).

A picture of Buntweberei

  • Photos: Philip Schwarz, Buntweberei

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