Worlds first energy harvesting beacons

Enable the worlds first energy harvesting based BLE mesh

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Energy Harvesting based Mesh

BlueRange is proud to announce the worlds first BLE mesh, functioning completely without pre-loaded batteries or power access.
Thanks to the revolutionary hardware of Enerthing and the high efficient BlueRange BLE mesh protocol, one is able to build a complete BlueRange Low Energy infrastructure, just with the need to connect the gateway. The beacons will handle their power themselves.

  • BlueRange/Enerthing Beacon
  • Revolutionary Beacons

    Enerthing developed a mindbreaking combination of photovoltaics and Bluetooth beacons. The first generation you see here is already able to run a BlueRange protocol BLE mesh.

    This beacon needs a light irradiation of only 200 Lux to harvest enough power to run BlueRange.

    As worlds most efficient mesh protocol BlueRange enables this technology to form a true BLE mesh.

A mesh infrastructure without cabels and changing batteries

Each beacon mesh project is individually tailored for each individual situation and need.

But can you imagine the meaning of a BLE mesh infrastructure without to have to think about wiring or planning battery changes every 3 months?

In many cases this is a real dream come true!

BlueRange Mesh - a BLE standard protocol

In 2015, BlueRange already was the first Bluetooth Low Energy mesh protocol, since Bluetooth 4.1 .

From the beginning BlueRange also was the first BLE mesh enabling mesh use cases with battery powered Beacons

Now the next step is right ahead: a completely possible battery-less BLE mesh.