BlueRange Gateways V3

Now available with KNX and BACnet/IP communication support

  • indoor stairs lighting
  • BlueRange, Bluetooth LE, KNX and BACnet/IP

    As BlueRange makes more and more progress in building automation, it becomes more and more clear that there needs to be a simple, yet important, way connecting legacy standard protocols in building installation infrastructure. May it be in retrofitting an existing building or in a complete new infrastructure, currently there are important parts and devices that are familiar with and use such legacy standards, as KNX and BACnet/IP.
    Until we convinced all the OEMs of building control and building automation hardware parts to integrate BlueRange from scratch, these hardware parts can still be integrated in a BlueRange installation via KNX or BACnet/IP.

  • BlueRange Gateway V3

    BlueRange Gateway V3 - KNX

    To use the BlueRange Gateway with a KNX legacy installation you can either connect the BlueRange Gateway with up to five KNX gateways, depending on the number of KNX devices to connect to. Or you can setup a virtual KNX Router as part of your BlueRange server cluster to connect with multiple devices by using only one BlueRange Gateway and one KNX gateway, as long as the KNX gateway can handle the network traffic.

    Single Price: 349,00 € (excl. VAT and Customs)

  • BlueRange Gateway V3

    BlueRange Gateway V3 - KNX, BACnet(1000 DP)

    BACnet/IP is a broadcasting communication, therefore the BlueRange Gateway can connect to other BACnet devices in the same network. The (sub-)network boundaries are set due to the broadcast address, where the BlueRange Gateway has to have the same one as all other devices. Communication between multiple subnetworks, based on BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device (BBMD), isn't supported out-of-the-box, but can be enabled with external BBMD hardware.

    Single Price: 449,00 € (excl. VAT and Customs)

What if ...?

  • Installation costs can be reduced by 10 20%No more complex and expensive MSR cabling is necessary
  • Conversion costs for new tenants can only be reduced to partition walls
  • Demand related energy management unnecessary energy supply can be avoided
  • Permanent monitoring of the energetic condition of the building becomes possible
  • Dynamic adaptation of the building to the tenants' usage behavior is possible
  • Direct and fast access to all information in real time for permanent monitoring of events in the building is possible
  • Rental income can be increased, through workspace management
  • 70% to 80% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional technology
  • Halogen free cabling is possible
  • BlueRange/Infrastructure Overview
  • The BlueRange BLE Mesh Infrastructure

    Your Use Case would also benefit from a BLE Mesh?
    You need a low energy solution for position or sensor based information infrastructure?

    BlueRange offers an simple and cost-efficient end-to-end solution including asset tracking or sensor hardware, Mesh Beacons and Mesh Gateway for your local setup and cloud or on-premise server infrastructure to get you your desired data on a standardized dashboard or even your very own application.