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Discover the Possibilities of Managed Lighting

Unleash the potential of managed lighting

BlueRange allows OEMs to create customized and branded surroundings for their clients while simultaneously managing and monitoring software components and data.

Using BlueRange technology, you can upgrade your components to increase functionality and streamline capacities.

Dive into digital lighting management and LED technology with our platform and the SDK behind it.

Adding BlueRange mesh technology to your systems allows for new ways of interacting with mobile devices, wearables, sensors and beacons. It is designed to make the most of illuminated spaces by digitizing them and using the obtained data in an all-new context.

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  • Lighting Management in Practice

    Our partner, an OEM of lighting products, enables Bluetooth light-control via BlueRange firmware. System users benefit from several functions:

    Our BlueRange mesh enables sending data of the preinstalled presence-sensor of each lamp via mesh to be sent to an analytics server. This data enables precise determination of both utilization and efficiency. In addition, the mesh implementation provides all use case advantages of BlueRange, especially over-the-air firmware updates.

    Even without our BlueRange mesh, an app can be used to configure the lighting.

    The app enables the creation of individual profiles for the lighting and configuration of LED light colors. Users can create customised daylight curves to change the light in order to improve concentration, creativity and relaxation. BlueRange allows you to configure several lights simultaneously and improve the functionality through over-the-air updates (OTA).

Smart Lighting Management

With BlueRange, we focus on manufacturers of lighting fixtures and those who want to equip their physical space with digital infrastructure using beacons built into lighting fixtures. A chipset, on which our BlueRange firmware runs, can be integrated directly into the actual fixture by manufacturers of lighting technology.

BlueRange is ideally suited to provide digital lighting management at virtually any location, limited only by the installed lighting fixtures. Off-mesh features include direct control of the lighting via Bluetooth, with an app designed for it. On-mesh features include, interlinked control of multiple lights simultaneously, and of course, the provision of the BLE mesh for many more use cases.

This type of lighting management is unique worldwide and at the same time, through the Bluetooth standard, both generally accessible and future-proof.