The BlueRange Mesh Concept

The worlds most energy efficient BLE mesh

BlueRange Guide Cover

BlueRange is Bluetooth

BlueRange is designed to be compatible with standard Bluetooth Mesh and to support the standard profiles, but also to be more energy efficient and deliver data more efficient.

  • BlueRange

    - Directed Graph method​ - Scatternet Mesh​
    - Directed and timed communication is much more efficient​
    - Up to 2 Kbyte/s data troughput​
    - Highly energy efficient​
    - Bluetooth 5 profile support possible​

  • Bluetooth Mesh

    - Broadcasting method​ - Flooding Mesh​
    - Flooding causes relaying, means redundant communication​
    - Limited to max. 300 Byte/s​
    - Energy efficient​

BlueRange Guide Cover

Every node is able to maintain 4 connections to other nodes in the mesh. The BlueRange mesh does not form any cycles, just tree and branch structures.

The connections between the mesh nodes are perfectly timed to keep connected and save energy.

BlueRange Mesh - FruityMesh

Our mesh is based on a directed acyclic graph and perfect timing of the single Bluetooth Low Energy connections between the single nodes in a mesh.

Other meshes depend on advertising and scanning permanently to keep the connections between their nodes.

Have a look at our OpenSource implementation called FruityMesh: OpenSource