Battery vs. fixed power line

What to use in which case

BlueRange Beacons Conditions


Battery powered Fixed Power Line
mobile setup fix setup
can be placed anywhere need a socket in reach
batteries need exchange stable power supply

The beacons itself only differ in the kind of power supply. Except this, they use identical components and are able to reach identical transmitting power.

What to setup

The way you want to have a setup done is what defines the type of beacons needed.

Test, Demo, PoC, Shortterm installation

For shortterm installation e.g. a PoC or a technical demonstration we always recommend to use battery powered beacons. You are able to be completely mobile inside the site and test for he best positions for the Mesh Beacons inside your site to get the best possible resolution for your BLE mesh infrastructure. To be honest, who in this sector is able to bring a small live demonstration with a setup of 5 Minutes?

  • Battery Powered Beacons

    For Demonstration, strategic planning, shortterm installations and maximum mobility, we recommend to use our BlueRange Mesh Beacons.

    BlueRange Mesh Beacons are optimized for maxium energy efficiency far beyond other beacons reached. Our system is the only one out there suporting asset tracking on battery powered BLE beacons.

  • BlueRange Beacon

Longterm installation, fix setup

When you know your positions and want to do a bigger productive installation we always recommend beacons with fixed power line. These Mesh Beacons do not need any battery exchange and with correct settings even don’t need any physical maintenance at all. Firmware updates for the Mesh Beacons are delivered over the air by just a selection and a click in the platform.

  • BlueRange retrofit components
  • Power line beacons

    For longterm installations you will need beacons with a power line connection.

    Here we recommend beacons from our partners:
    OSRAM offers with their Einstones beacons with a powerline support casing.

    You can also fix your beacons into existing lighting installations with our partner Vossloh-Schwabe and their BlueRange ready lighting components.

You don’t know the strategic direction yet?

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You want to test and experience the uniqueness of our mesh before deciding to get commercial with BlueRange? That's fine for us.

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