• On-Premise Solution

    On-Premise solutions include a setup support fee of one day as one-time payment.

    Installation Price: 8599 €

  • BlueRange TestKit

    The TestKit contains a Mesh Gateway, 4 Mesh Beacons, an Asset Beacon and access to the BlueRange platform for 499 €.

    Platform access is granted for 12 months. Additional variable costs might occur for an asset tracking use case, limited to 1 million messages per month. The Test Kit can be returned up to 30 days after receipt, against repayment of the purchase price, if undamaged.

  • BlueRange TestKit

Notice: All prices are exclusive VAT and Shipping.

Additional Information:

One site supports up to 100 Mesh Beacons as a standard. Up to 100 additional Mesh Beacons cost 5€ extra per affected site and month. Prices for larger numbers of sites are available on request. Additional variable costs might occur based on the message volume per month.

Powerline and ethernet access are required.

Mesh Beacons have a battery lifetime of one year, extended functionality, and can be connected to a power line.
Asset Beacons are specifically made for asset tracking use cases, and have a battery lifetime of up to five years.
Prices for larger numbers of Mesh Beacons are available upon request. Batteries not in price included.