Production & Logistics Solutions

Unleash the full potential of asset tracking

BlueRange allows logistics, transport and manufacturing industries to manage and monitor data.

Upgrade to BlueRange technology to increase your ability to track a wide range of assets on your property.

Dive deeper into the world of digital logistics management than ever before with our platform and the SDK behind it.

BlueRange Mesh technology enables new ways of interaction with mobile devices, wearables, sensors and beacons. BlueRange was created to get the most out of rooms through digitization and to use the acquired data in a completely new context.

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  • Logistics Management in Practice

    Users of the BlueRange technology benefit, through the use, from some functions:

    Our BlueRange Mesh enables the transmission of position data of individual assets via the mesh to the analytics server, allowing these assets to be monitored and managed.

    By setting up zones, a precise chain of action can be set up, with notifications when zone boundaries are crossed by individual assets.

Smart Logistics Management

With BlueRange, we focus on production, transportation and logistics companies that want to provide their physical space with a digital infrastructure using beacons that can be integrated into existing infrastructure.

BlueRange is ideally suited to enable digital asset management in virtually any location limited only by installed beacons.