Configuring and Using a Sensor Setting

A Sensor Setting is used to transform raw data from your device to something that has a generic representation in our platform. In the development phase, you can use our configurations to test out everything. Once your device goes into production, you should use the created setting and transfer it in a device catalog entry. We are working on making the device catalog open to all of our third party vendors, but for the time being you will have to contact us and we will do the transformation for you.

Creating the Setting

To create a Configuration, navigate to > Devices > Configuration and Add a new one. As a platform, choose Mesh Node. Now, add a Sensor setting to this configuration and use the following json, which you can import:

  "archetype": "LIGHT",
  "sensorModule": [
      "description": "Reports an increasing counter value",
      "module": "abcd01f0",
      "component": 1,
      "register": 1,
      "offset": 0,
      "length": 1,
      "dataType": "UINT8",
      "showInAnalytics": true

You need to publish the configuration that you have created and you need to assign the configuration to your mesh node. After the configuration was successfully applied, you can continue.

In case your setting does not work as expected, make sure to activate all debug logs on your gateway and check the messages at the point where the gateway receives the updated configuration and once it receives component_sense messages from your device. Make sure it does not log any error or warning.

Now, if you go to > Devices > "Your Device" you can see the sensor value updating in real time:

sensor live update

You can also see the sensor values coming in on your MQTT client.

sensor update mqtt

For a more in-depth description of the different values and configuration possibilities of a sensor definition, take a look at our Sensor Definition chapter and the Device Catalog specification.

There is more …​.

In the next chapter about configuring an actuator configuration, you will learn how to do the same with actuators.