BlueRange USB Dongle

Plug and Play connection for a BlueRange mesh

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Plug-and-Play Mesh to go

The BlueRange USB Dongle is a compact, small device to connect to a BlueRange BLE mesh. The device is connected and powered completely via USB type A connector. Use this dongle for many different use cases and to connect various devices to a BlueRange mesh easily.

  • BlueRange/USB Dongle
  • USB Dongle Hardware

    Item number BR-USBD-2020-00001-1
    Protocol Bluetooth, BLE, BlueRange
    Chipset Nordic nRF52840, BL654
    Core Cortex-M4F (1MB Flash, 256 KB RAM)
    Frequency Range 2.402 – 2.48 GHz
    Geometry (L/W/H) 15 / 10 / 2.2 mm
    Weight ca. 40 g
    Operating and storage temperature -40 to 85 °C

  • Create a BlueRange Mesh Gateway

    To use the Dongle to create a Mesh Gateway you can use any computing device as long it is able to run the Gateway software. Just plug in the USB Dongle, start the Gateway software and you are able to use your computing device as a Mesh Gateway for any BlueRange infrastructure.

    In order to create a Mesh Gateway, the computing device must be able to run a BlueRange Mesh Gateway software.

  • BlueRange/Dongle Posting
  • BlueRange/Dongle Posting
  • A compact Mesh Beacon

    Use a USB power adapter and connect the USB Dongle to any other power source to have an energy efficient fix powered Mesh Beacon for your BlueRange infrastructure setup.

    The power adapter just needs to be a power to USB type A adapter to be able to power the USB Dongle.

Different Licenses for different Needs

The BlueRange USB Dongle comes in different connection packages, able to connect to different numbers of nodes:

Size S 12 devices can be connected
Size M 28 devices can be connected
Size L 64 devices can be connected
You are free to decide what you need and only pay what is necessary.

  • BlueRange/Infrastructure Overview
  • The BlueRange BLE Mesh Infrastructure

    Your Use Case would also benefit from a BLE Mesh?
    You need a low energy solution for position or sensor based information infrastructure?

    BlueRange offers an simple and cost-efficient end-to-end solution including asset tracking or sensor hardware, Mesh Beacons and Mesh Gateway for your local setup and cloud or on-premise server infrastructure to get you your desired data on a standardized dashboard or even your very own application.