BlueRange x KNX Association

BlueRange is a member of the KNX Association: Future-oriented solutions for intelligent building technology

BlueRange is a specialist in the intelligent networking and digitalization of buildings. With ‘BlueRange ready’ actuators and sensors, the BlueRange Gateway and the BlueRange Mesh, an efficient Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) network, complex application scenarios can be mapped via the wireless control of building components. BlueRange’s wireless approach enables a more flexible and sustainable use of buildings in various room and application scenarios.

BlueRange’s entry into the KNX Association marks the next milestone on the way to wireless control of intelligent building technology.

KNX is a global standard for the operation and control of electronic components in buildings. BlueRange adds a new radio-based “transport layer” to the previously mostly wired KNX system - the BLE Mesh.

BlueRange already makes it possible to integrate actuators and sensors cost-effectively and wirelessly into buildings using the BLE Mesh, without having to sacrifice interoperability with wired devices. The BlueRange Gateway enables Bluetooth signals to be translated into the group addressing of the KNX world via TCP/IP.

Many manufacturers around the world are participating in the KNX standard and will be able to benefit from BlueRange technology in the future. “We are proud to have already been able to demonstrate very good results in the early phase of BlueRange development when connecting digital building components via KNX. Building planners can use our technology today to create the conditions for the buildings of tomorrow - with significantly reduced installation and maintenance costs,” says Volker Hahn, Managing Director of BlueRange.

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