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BlueRange x ruuvi

A Fruitful Collaboration:

BlueRange, RuuviTags, Ruuvi Station and FruityMesh (WIP)

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BlueRange x KNX Association

BlueRange is a member of the KNX Association Future-oriented solutions for intelligent building technology

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BlueRange Gateway, KNX, BACnet/IP

New Gateways with KNX and BACnet/IP support available!

As we are venturing deeper and further in the complex world of building automation, we decided to bring the communication support for two of the most requested legacy standards, KNX and BACnet/IP, directly into our BlueRange Gateways. Retrofitting a KNX or BACnet/IP installation was never easier and new installations can now simply integrate legacy devices into a modern wireless building automation infrastructure.

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BlueRange CO2 Monitoring

CO2 Monitoring and Room Climate Control

Especially in such troubled times as now a good room climate is most important. Prevent the spread of aerosol particles, work efficient and concentrated. Get informed and notificated about your interiors air status. Historical data can indicate peak times and is also very useful for reporting.

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Wireless-DALI, Blu2Light, Bluetooth-DALI

Wireless-DALI, Lighting Management made easy and affordable.

With BlueRange you are able to connect, control and manage your lighting installation without any need for wires. Even retrofitting existing DALI or KNX installations is not a problem at all with our Bluetooth-DALI conversion.

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Energy Harvesting Beacon

Worlds first energy harvesting Mesh.

Worlds first energy harvesting BLE mesh has now a standard hardware product, thanks to our partner Enerthing. The EnerSense CO² sensor beacon just needs 200 lux to work! No cables attached, totally mobile!

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BlueRange USB-Dongle

The new BlueRange USB-Dongle

Our new USB-Dongle is here! BlueRange to plug-in in any USB port. Create a Mesh Gateway with the USB-Dongle, software and any computing device. Or have some easy Mesh Beacons to go...

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BlueRange and RUUVI are Partners!

We happily announce a partnership between BlueRange and Ruuvi! Ruuvis RuuviTag+ is a already a longterm companion in our need for hardware. The RuuviTag+ offers various sensors: accelerometer, temperature, air humidity and air pressure. This combination makes it our current Asset Beacon, used for Asset Tracking/RTLS and as room sensor.
With Ruuvi hardware our energy efficiency and data throughput optimized mesh can be perfectly implemented.

Visit RUUVI to get more information about their offering!


Our statement on COVID-19

A virus is spreading rapidly across the world. It affects our human interactions, our loved ones and our community life...

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BlueRange OpenSource

BlueRange and its Open Source implementation

Read more on FruityMesh, our Open Source implementation for the BlueRange BLE Mesh, available at github. Read and contribute on the world most energy efficient BLE mesh.

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BlueRange Hardware Installation

The ideal Mesh Hardware Setup

How to set up your hardware to get best results. Read more on best methods, hights and distances between your TestKit hardware to achieve the best for every BlueRange method and use case.

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BlueRange in the cold time

Applications in the cold season of the year

Our Bluetooth Low Energy mesh infrastructure is not only suitable for industry and manufacturing use cases such as Asset Tracking. In fact, we support a lot of use cases enabling an intelligent facility management.

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BlueRange Cloud vs. On-Prem

BlueRange Cloud vs. On-Prem

What is your solution? - PROs and CONs. To use our Bluetooth Low Energy mesh infrastructure you will need some kind of server cluster suitable for your case and prerequisits. In fact, we offer our own Cloud infrastructure for use in your very own installations. But sometimes, there are cases in which you won't like to share data from your installation, or just don't have any internet connection at all.

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BlueRange Beacons

Variants of Beacons for all occasions

Beacons are a pretty flexible solution to various use cases and problems. Indeed Beacons come in very different forms and sizes depending on requirements based on the individual use case the beacons are used for.

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BlueRange Bluetooth BLE

Why we chose BLE over other technologies

BLE connects all your beacons in a mesh, enabling them to communicate with each other over the mesh. This infrastructure enables a lot of different use cases e.g. Asset Tracking and Inventory Management, Access Management, Indoor Navigation, Proximity Marketing, Information Management.

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BlueRange Battery vs. fixed power

Battery vs. fixed power line - What to use in which case

See our evaluation on situations for battery powered beaconing versus situations for fixed line powered beaconing and differences between shorttime demo installations or mobile instllations and longterm fixed installations for different use cases.

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BlueRange - Top 5 use cases in healthcare

Top 5 Healthcare Use Cases - These are the most requested Cases

In the healthcare sector, a large number of challenges arise from everyday problems for different target groups. Especially in the healthcare sector, a digital infrastructure offers an improvement in efficiency. In a place where time is a deciding factor, not only for cost reasons but also for life, efficiency is the key to quality. Even outside of an emergency situation, a digital infrastructure can enhance information flow and interaction.

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