Top 5 Healthcare Use Cases

These are the most requested Use Cases

Top 5 Use Cases in Healthcare

Challenges in Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, a large number of challenges arise from everyday problems for different target groups.

  • Nurses are looking for free hospital beds
  • Medical staff urgently needs certain medical devices
  • Patients are sought, especially dementia patients or children
  • Patients and visitors can not cope in the buildings
  • Patients want more accessible information about their treatment status and their stay
  • And many more...

Opportunities in the field of healthcare

Especially in the healthcare sector, a digital infrastructure offers an improvement in efficiency.

In a place where time is a deciding factor, not only for cost reasons but also for life, efficiency is the key to quality.

Even outside of an emergency situation, a digital infrastructure can enhance information flow and interaction.

Use Cases in Healthcare

  • Tracking of Hospital Beds and Medical Equipment

    Beacons attached to devices enable the devices to be found and tracked on a map of each site. A breakdown by types is also possible. So important devices can be found in a rush.

  • Tracking of Patients

    Patients equipped with wearable beacons can be identified and found. In addition, a perimeter alarm may be established if the patient enters or leaves a predefined area. This is especially important for dementia patients and children.

  • Patient Information System

    Via a mobile app, location-related and other data can be transmitted to the patient. This allows the patient to find out about their treatment status, treatments or the hospital itself.

  • Indoor Navigation for Patients and Visitors

    Via a mobile app, the patient or visitor can be directed within the facility's buildings to a desired or wanted location.

  • Inventory Management of medical Assets

    The status of a device or asset can be determined by providing beacons and defining areas. For instance, it is possible to check the inventory or the sterilization cycle of surgical instruments. Again, a perimeter alarm can be set up to protect assets from theft and loss.

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Healthcare routine with BlueRange

Healthcare Alltag mit BlueRange
  • "As a patient, I feel very comfortable here."

  • "Especially in the night service, if we are understaffed anyway, I no longer have to look for a free bed for like forever."

  • "Now I need an infusion pump, I'll take a quick look in the app, where the next free one is ..."

  • "Oh, here is the pneumology! What is pneumology? Oh that, thank you dear app ..."

  • "I should go to B-011? Where from ... ah I look it up in the app."

  • "Perfect, Mrs. Berec has arrived in radiology."

  • "I still have to look in the platform, when the 03er set comes from the sterilization ..."

  • "Before I search anything on the internet, I'll see what the app says about my problem."

  • "I'm searching for the cafeteria, I just enter it in the app, then I get the shortest way."

  • "Oh! Mr. Miller leaves the site again! The third time this week already. So, on to the south entrance ..."